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Gaslight – Firefly Press 2017

‘A darkly delicious romp through the backstreets of Victorian Cardiff. I loved it!’ Emma Carroll. Author of Letters from the Lighthouse, Strange Star, In Darkling Wood, Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked on Air. 

 “an absolute firecracker of a book – gorgeously raw, dark and Dickensian… dreamlike and intoxicating… genuinely terrifying… so wonderfully atmospheric I could almost smell the greasepaint…” Lucy Strange. Author of The Secret of Nightingale Wood.

‘Dark and often scary this is an excellent piece of melodrama for younger readers, setting and characters vividly described. Recommended for fans of Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart books, and you could follow up with some Dickens too.’ Andrea Reece. Lovereading4kids.

‘Gaslight is incredibly rich in detail – full of vivid descriptions of a grimy Victorian underworld. You can taste, smell and feel the sooty Cardiff backstreets with every page turn… Whilst the portrait is bleak, the characters zing and sparkle with life – Nansi is bold, feisty and independent; Sid is menacing, evil and intimidating … I loved it and heartily recommend to mature readers age 10 and up.’ familybookworms.wales

 This book is fast paced and tightly plotted full of adventure, humour, peril and strong female role models. As well as being spot on with plot and pace it also has moments of pure poetry in the writing which makes you want to read more from this author.
My daughter pulled the book out of my hands this morning and I haven’t seen her since*.
*Of course I’ve seen her, I’ve also fed her and watered her but she’s been lost in the world of Gaslight and has taken to grunting at me. I’m hoping conversation and manners will return once she’s finished the book. Rhian Ivory. Author of The Boy Who Drew The Future, HOPE.

Eloise Williams has created a wonderful heroine in Nansi – sparky, brave, sharp-tongued, which often brings her into conflict with the villainous theatre owner, Sid. What I loved most was the atmosphere – the author has brought Victorian Cardiff to life. You can almost taste the soot in the air and there’s a real sense of brooding menace which builds all the way to the stunning conclusion. Claire Fayers. Author of The Accidental Pirates series.

Elen’s Island – Firefly Press March 2015

  • … a beautiful story full of wonder, adventure and excitement which will perfectly suit those newly confident first readers. Elen is a fascinating character full of determination, spirit and bravery … The island itself is an intrinsic part of the story so much so that you can’t help but fall in love with it, just like Elen. Eloise’s wonderfully lyrical descriptions of the island and the surrounding sea, shimmering with a multitude of colours makes you want to dip your toes in and feel the sharp coldness of the water and wander through the creamy sand. It feels like a truly magical place that any child would love to find themselves in the middle of an adventure amongst the dunes and caves. With whispers of mermaids, potions and buried treasure it is an irresistible combination. Filled with just the right amount of mystery, intrigue and the unknown it would make the perfect summer read for children aged 6 and over. ‘Elen’s Island’ has a real timeless appeal which is enchanting and truly charming.  Book Lover Jo
  • ‘This book is magical! It’s evocative of the wild beauty of Wales and has the feel of classic British children’s literature – Aberglad is like a Welsh Kirrin Island, and the result of Elen and Rowan’s treasure hunt is a heartwarming message about the enduring power of family and love.’ Sharon Fried-Jones, Book Trust.

  • It reminds me a bit of Kirrin Island in the Famous Five Books. Not that this book is anything like Blyton. True, it’s primarily a rollicking adventure with some exciting set-pieces, and a delightful summer read, but it’s also an insightful tale about growing up and finding yourself. About learning to recognise what is truly precious. This is a first rate book I shall be giving out for Christmas and birthdays. Eloise Williams is a writer to watch. Saviour Pirotta, Awfully Big Reviews.

  • With a plucky, driven heroine, a magical mystery and a pace that never lets up, Elen’s Island is a rollicking read that promises to keep readers enchanted and engaged.’ Guy Bass, children’s book author.  

  • “A meticulously crafted novel that will encourage the most reluctant young reader to keep turning the pages. Elen is a heroine every child will identify with.” Catrin Collier, novelist.

  • ‘Wildly imaginative, funny and poignant, Elen’s Island keeps us hooked from the first scintillating sentence. You’ll fall in love with the feisty Elen, her phenomenal gran and a magical island.’ Stevie Davies, novelist.

  • Elen’s Island is beautifully written and will stir the imagination of a generation of children. Children everywhere will be asking their parents if they can visit Aberglad.’ Kevin Johns, Swansea Sound.

  • An absolute treat.’ Jamie Owen, BBC Wales Presenter.

  • ‘Eloise has crafted a beautifully written and magical tale that will keep readers, both young and old, enthralled from the first funny sentence right through to the final, poignant conclusion.’ BB Skone, Western Telegraph.

  • I highly recommend it. This book has so many good ingredients. Together they make a fabulous book with a wonderful ending.’ Suze, Librarian Lavender.

  • ‘I love your book Elen’s Island.
    I love the Character Elen because she is so nice and sweet.
    The naughty boy is really funny too,
    I think you should keep writing books like that because they are great!’ Liam, age 9, Powys.


What I say : I really like Oystercatchers. They make a noise like this ‘peep peep peep’. 



What I say: I’m not so sure I like these. I don’t know what noise they make. Slurpity, slodgeity, wriggling blurp, I expect. 


What I say: My husband is a brilliant artist. He painted these.



What I say: I am also a brilliant artist. I drew this.