The Biggest Book Show On Earth 2019 at The Hafren, Newtown – Welsh Books Council / Tall & Short Photography.

I am currently taking bookings for workshops and author visits so please get in touch if you’d like me to come to your school, library, yurt, castle or island.

An awesome group of very dedicated young writers.

SCHOOLS – I trained as an English and Drama teacher so I’m used to being in schools.

I play games and pull lots of strange faces when I’m in schools!

As I run oodles of school events I can’t list them here – I’m so sorry you aren’t listed! 

Here’s a lovely calming photo of my doggy in case you are feeling angry. 

Good boy Watson Jones! Where’s your ball?


    • I always get young people involved!

Getting creative with conversations!

Acting up! Finding words through drama activities.

My most serious thinking face. Only used on very special occasions.


Using improvisation to create stories.

Time to get down to some serious writing.

The Biggest Book Show On Earth 2019 at Theatre Hafren, Newtown. Tall and Short Photography & Welsh Books Council. 

Some outstanding performances happening here. Not from me I hasten to add. Yet again young people saved the day!


    • Creating characters.


    • I don’t like to pull silly faces alone.


A walk in search of local mythology. Using landscape, nature and art to bring stories to life.


I combine lots of techniques to get the best results!


  • Some intense questions at the signing table.

Creating a story in interesting ways!


  • A full house for an event at Kenilworth Books.


    ‘As for when you visited, I cannot put into words how much the children gained from the day. I’ve seen many creative writing workshops during my career, but I have to say I have not seen one that has inspired the children quite as much as yours. After your visit, we spent some time writing our own stories. Almost everyone in the class used a technique that you shared with them to help write their stories. Still now, weeks after your visit, the children talk about and use your advice every week.’ Mr Davies – Year 6 teacher.

‘I really enjoyed today because it made me think about where I live and how to write a good story. I can’t wait to read your book!’ Harriet, 11.

I LOVE the homemade Lego costume!

 ‘You helped us harness our imaginations and embrace our inner writing skills massively. We loved spending time with you.’ Keeley. Year 6

Making too much noise in the library!


‘You made the day fun and exciting. It will be a memory to Year 6 forever!’ Emily, Year 6.


Yes, I often include dancing in my workshops. Don’t worry. It’s freestyle all the way.

‘I enjoyed writing because it’s my favourite thing to do and I loved the dancing. I felt almost excited to get to meet an author.’ Lara, 9.

Cutting and sticking are very important parts of information gathering.

‘Cannot recommend Eloise Williams highly enough. Thank you so much for being part of our evening! Can’t wait to chat with the kids about how they’re enjoying Gaslight.’ Jess Aubin, Literacy Coordinator, Dyffryn School. 


I think it must be my turn to ask a question. Hands up!


‘The day was memorable because it was fun, awesome and we were learning at the same time. We will remember you in Class Six for generations.’ Tegan, Class Six.  

I work with young people of all ages. This is a lovely high school group. I also work with old people sometimes. Some of them are even older than I am.