a bit about me

I love libraries.

I’ve always loved words. Ever since I was very young I’ve been reading books and writing stories. I lived opposite a library and it was pretty much heaven to me to go there and read for hours on end. My sister, Jo, looks happier about the brown bobble hat than I seem to be.

I read anything and everything. When I wasn’t reading I made other people read to me. My mother is reading me a lovely bedtime story here as she smokes a cigarette.
This is what people did in the Seventies.

Probably a Malory Towers or a Narnia book.

I’ve always been into magical stuff and wanted to grow up to be a witch. 

I tried pretty hard with my costumes and turnip lanterns…

Homemade costumes are the best.

We used turnips instead of pumpkins when we were young because you couldn’t get pumpkins easily then.


but I ended up being this and finding all the magic I needed in books!

Rope swing!

 Me – In a Nutshell

Sixer of Pixies. Child of the 70s. Survived encephalitis, pizza thrown in face (sister), a decade as an actor, school, endless years of Heavy Metal abuse from younger sister’s room.

Watching seabirds on a rainy day.

Born in Cardiff . Grew up in Llantrisant. Now live by the sea in West Wales.

Acting with the wonderful Hijinx Theatre.

Has MA in Creative and Media Writing with Distinction from Swansea University. Proudly working class. Odd-jobbed through college.

Was an actor and wore a lot of different costumes. Fell off the stage once and landed in an audience member’s lap… but we don’t talk about that.

Portrait by Shoo Raynor.

Likes confetti, bluebells, fairy-lights, memories of Gran and Grampa, family, cwtches, autumn, the way ladybirds shelter in beech nuts, walking behind waterfalls, collecting seaglass on misty days, comfy jeans, stories about interesting    things.

Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall in the Brecon Beacons.

Lives for the sea, love, kindness, repeats of ‘Murder She Wrote’, for as long as can. 

Has dog called Watson Jones. Has husband called Guy. Both of whom are handsome devils.

 My hair is grey now & generally looks a bit windswept because I spend as much time as humanly possible on the beach.